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           The use of modified asphalt binders, with the incorporation and fusion of granulated rubber from recycled tires is an excellent alternative compared to conventional asphalt overlays, for it offers greater resistance to fatigue, aging and skidding, all at a lower final cost.

           In order to specialize in this innovative technique and spread it throughout the world highway sector, the “Asphalt Rubber 2003” World Congress will be held in Brasilia from December 2 to 4, 2003, promoted by the Federal District Road Department-DER/DF and by the Rubber Pavements Association - RPA.

           The use of rubber pavement technology, also known as ecological pavement, offers a solution to a problem of worldwide dimensions. Considering all continents, it is estimated that about 2 billion tires become useless at the end of each year. In Brazil, for example, annually 30 million tires are illegally deposited in rivers, lakes, open-air garbage dumps and in clandestine deposits, contributing, among other causes, to the spread of epidemiological diseases.

           Your presence as a participant will be of fundamental importance to the success of this event, for we will only reach our objectives through the exchange of experiences and technical discussions.

Engineer Brasil Américo Louly Campos
General Director, DER/DF

Proposal for Sponsorship and Participation as an Exhibitor